Julie’s Friday Night Fakeaway

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Recipe by: Jools, Warwickshire, @Joolsswstory


For the chips:

2 medium Golden King Potatoes, cut into chips (I like to leave the skin on mine, so scrub and dry the potatoes first)
1 small red onion, thinly sliced
1 medium red pepper, deseeded and sliced
2 spring onions, sliced
Low calorie cooking spray

For the seasoning:

1/2 tsp table salt
1/2 tsp white pepper powder
1/2 tsp Chinese Five Spice
1/2 tsp white sugar


  1. Prepare the potato, red pepper and onion, and mix all the seasoning ingredients together
  2. Spray the chips with the low calorie spay and cook the potatoes, 40 mins if baked in the oven or follow manufacturers guide if using the air fryer
  3. 5 minutes before your chips are cooked fry the red onion and red pepper in a frying pan or wok with low calorie cooking spray until they are starting to colour but still retain some crunch
  4. Add the chips and seasoning to the onion and pepper mix and toss well until well combined
  5. Serve with satay chicken skewers, and top with the chopped spring onions


Jools says, “I always love a Fakeaway, a home cooked meal is cheaper and can be made more healthy. Kind to the purse – and the waistline – is a winner in my eyes”