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How are potatoes grown?
Potatoes grow underground, in ridged rows (that look a bit like small hills). They start as a seed potato and are planted in soil until they grow lots of new tubers
How can a potato really be an all-rounder?
It's thanks to their balanced starch and water content that Golden Kings are able to easily hold their shape when roasting or making chips, but also become soft and fluffy when mashed
Are potatoes healthy?
Potatoes are 99.9% fat-free and provide essential vitamins (including vitamin C an antioxidant), minerals, and fibre (which can make you feel fuller for longer).
Can I freeze potatoes?
Yes, the freezer makes a great place to store cooked potatoes for a quick and easy future meal - and helps to cut down on food waste
Why do you soak potatoes before cooking?
Soaking removes any excess starch, resulting in crispier fries and smoother mashed potatoes
Why do potatoes go green?
Potatoes turn green due to exposure to light. Our packaging is designed to block out the bright lights our potatoes may be exposed to on their journey to your kitchen, and it is recommended to keep them covered in the fridge to avoid contact with light before you are ready to eat them
Are Golden Kings waxy or floury?
Golden Kings are an 'all rounder' potato, which means they are ideal for both fluffy mashed potatoes and roasting. This is because they are somewhere between waxy and floury in terms of their dry matter
Why do potatoes sprout?
Sprouting is a completely natural reaction, usually triggered by changes to temperature and moisture. The sprouts occur as the potatoes start to wake up and grow. These sprouts can simply snap off, the potatoes will still be good to eat
Should I remove the skin before cooking?
It's optional; the skin contains fibre and nutrients. If you choose to leave on, just give them a scrub and enjoy
Why do my potatoes go mushy?
This can happen when potatoes cook unevenly. Always start your potatoes in cold water to ensure they cook properly throughout
Did you hear about the evil baked potato?
His plans were foiled
Who is the most powerful potato?
Darth Tater
What’s a potato’s favourite TV show?
Starch Trek, boom boom
Why did I win the potato hiding contest?
Because my carbo-hide-rate was so good
Why was the potato in court?
It wanted to a-peel

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