~ Unearth the Delicious Magic ~

Golden kings potatoes

The perfect sidekick to any
kitchen adventure

All potatoes are good,
but some potatoes are better.
And then, there’s Golden Kings.

Meet Golden Kings' All Rounders
Ideal for roasting, mashing, frying, steaming or baking, these easy-peeling superstars are the ultimate multitaskers
Bask in the golden glory of these potatoes, exuding a richness that's practically butter in solid form
These consistently shaped and sized potato champs make peeling a breeze; no need to worry about wrestling with lumps and bumps
Also try the deliciously buttery goodness of Golden Kings Jackets – the absolute heartthrobs of the potato world
Perfectly sized for baking, wedging, scooping, filling or loading, these golden-hearted potatoes are so much more than just a jacket
And the naturally buttery taste... you might even contemplate skipping the extra butter - although, we certainly won’t blame you if you decide to go all in!

“More than just an ingredient, these potatoes are your trusty kitchen ally, ready to turn every meal into a royal feast”

~ Live like a King ~

Food for...Fun times

~ Live like a King ~

Food for...Fun times

Potatoes: A Royal History

The potato is rumoured to have quietly co-existed with the native population in the Andean highlands of what is now Peru, for centuries before it was discovered by Spanish conquistadors, wide-eyed with curiosity, and uprooted for a life in Europe.
It was not until the 16th century that the potato finally learned to walk (strut might be more accurate), heading out across the continent.
‘A root?’ people wondered. ‘Or a freakishly shaped rock?’ ‘A secret plot to overthrow the reign of turnips and radishes!’ some warned.
Well, it had to start somewhere. Finally, a brave soul (we don’t know who) gave it a try. Yes! The spud was quite literally magic! Mash it! Fry it! Bake it! Yum! And so, the potato spread around the world throughout the centuries to come.
Now, arriving in the present, the potato is recognised as an international superstar. With its unmatched adaptability, it is (rightly so) an A-list vegetable on any dinner table.

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